How to import VMDK image to Proxmox ?

    1. First, we have to create a new VM.

    2. Use the below example of VM configuration 
      Choose Name of the VM in General Section:

      In the OS section set to Do not use any media:

      In the System section, leave the default settings:

      In the Disk Section please delete the default vm disk:

      In the CPU section, select the value of the socket and cores for the virtual machine and you can set the default CPU type for paravirtualization or use the host for full hardware virtualization:

      In the Memory Section choose value of the memory: 

      In the Network Secton,, leave the default settings:

      In the Confirm section, check that the option Start after creation is not checked, and then Finish.

    3. Then copy the .vmdk file via the scp command or the SCP program to the PVE host
    4. Next, it is time to convert and import the .vmdk disk to the VM that was created in Step
        • Use the Shell in the Proxmox Virtual Environment

        • Below command to import disk to vm in Proxmox:

          qm importdisk vm-id backup-name.vmdk disk-name --format raw
                • VM ID - the vm identifier that was assigned when the vm was created
                • backup-name.vmdk - the name of backup file vmdk
                • disk-name - the name of disk of the location on Proxmox
          • Example command to import a sample disk into a previously prepared virtual machine in Proxmox:

            qm importdisk 102 stordis-backup.vmdk local-lvm --format raw
    5. Then, we have to wait till the command completes executing.
      Note : The qm importdisk command imports the disk quite quickly, but tends to stop at 100% progress for some time , so do not kill the process at this point.
    6. After qm importdisk is finished we have to rescan disks to see the newly imported disk in the Hardware section of the VM with the following command:
      qm rescan
    7. Next, attach the disk to the VM in the Hardware section by double-clicking on the new disk and clicking Add in the pop-up window.
    8. Start the VM in Proxmox.


You successfully imported a backup vmdk to the new vm in the Proxmox
You can now use your VM on the your Proxmox Server .

Happy fun with Virtualization on the Proxomox  !!! 😉




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